PLC Programming

Our PLC programming staff has over 65 years of combined experience programming all types of control applications including conveying, packaging, product testing, servo, heat and flow PID, material handling, chemical application, crane automation, and paint systems.

PLC Brands

Our PLC Programmers specialize in Allen Bradley® and GE Fanuc® PLCs but have experience with most brands currently on the market.

New Programs

With a process of operation, we can write a professional PLC program to suit your needs. Our PLC programmers have years of experience at avoiding the pitfalls associated with automated equipment and mechanical wear. Our PLC programs are written to expect the unexpected, and to protect your machine and your operators when mechanical failures occur.

PLC Program Modifications

Need changes to your existing PLC program? No job is too large or too small.

PLC Program Conversions

One of the downsides to the rapid forward motion of technology is that eventually any PLC will become obsolete. Why waste time and money trying to find parts for an outdated PLC? With a new PLC comes updated programming software that is often not compatible with older versions. Let SAC take the hassle out of your upgrade by converting your old program to a format your new PLC can use.

Code Protection

Unlike some companies, SAC does not place passwords or restrictions on your PLC programs to prevent you from viewing, copying, or making your own modifications. Instead, at SAC, we strive to build a customer base that gives us their repeat business based on the quality of our work.