Drive Systems

We are experienced with most brands of AC and DC drive systems and offer installation, troubleshooting, programming, and upgrade services. We know what it takes to install drives that meet today’s rigorous safety standards. Whether it be an extruder, conveying, standard fan and pump, or a water solution, multi-pump setup for a feedwater system SAC can get the job done.

AC Drive Systems

Installation, setup, and service for all types and brands of AC drives. We have installed AC drive systems in applications ranging in closed-loop vector constant torque, sensorless vector, and standard volts/hertz. We install a standalone drive or multiple drives in a system. If minimized controls I/O is required, we can interface the drives via protocols such as:

  • Ethernet IP
  • CANopen
  • Profibus
  • Profinet
  • and more

Allen Bradley’s Power Flex, ABB’s ACS, Parker (old SSD/Eurotherm), or Schneider Electric’s Altivar are just a very small sample of the AC drives we have used over the years.

DC Drive Systems

Installation, setup, and service for all types of DC drive systems. Many applications today still use DC drive technology. Older analog or newer digital drives, we have worked with them. ABB’s DCS and Parker (old SSD/Eurotherm) are some of the DC drives we have used in recent years.

Motion Control

Design, installation, and service of a wide array of Servo controlled applications. Some of the applications we have designed include indexing that requires accurately moving a component throughout a system, accurate and fast positioning and even speed control on the pump where the extremely low and accurate flow was required for a robot spray system. Allen Bradley’s Kintex line of servos has been utilized in the majority of our recent motion projects. Either a SERCOS module or Ethernet IP was used to interface the servo controls. Allen Bradley’s Ultra servos were used in older projects.